In Paris for the week 

I left my brushes behind to wander around in the city of lights. A good friend lent us his appartement situated 300yds from the Eiffel Tower.

So here I am walking and walking and walking everywhere. There’s Art on every corner. The atmosphere is filled with the spirits of those who invented modern art : Picasso, Modigliani, Van Gogh, … they’re all over the place.

And there’s the young generation :

I love this place. No matter where you look there’s something beautiful to see. The walking and the breathing is rough but it’s really worth the effort.

Many good vibes from Paris.

Koân 1&2

Looking at these paintings I came to consider that their effect on me was close to what koâns do : they provoke awareness.

Awareness of beauty, of the wonderful experience of contrast and nuance. Every new pattern hitting my retina a reminder of the miracle of being alive on this tiny planet in the midst of the billions of others in one out of trillions of galaxies…

Newest works 

I finished 2 smaller paintings that don’t have a title yet :

And here are 2 big ones still in progress :

I adore the colors in this one.

The second one is less advanced but there are a few nice contrasts appearing already. Every time I am astonished by the beautiful amazing colors I get using only intuition. I deeply believe that these colors are within me and I’m sure they are the mirror of my emotions.

Life is a surprising journey with new beautiful little wonders around any corner…


First ordered painting 

My sister in law asked me to paint something for her. I said ok ( of course) but when I asked her what kind of painting she wanted she told me to do this :

Well it’s still in progress but it is so far away from my usual work that I really don’t know where I’m going. She hope she won’t be disappointed at the end. I’ll try to give it that 50’s touch. What do you think?

He walks alone 

The title could stand for solitude but there’s nothing sad about this painting. I think it shows that positive loneliness suited for meditation I like.

When I look back at my early painting 5 months ago there is a real evolution towards more freedom of mind. 

This is another painting in progress. I promised It to my wife : the photograph was taken by my daughter Zoé