Newest works

I have been rather busy these days, as I have been invited to Paris and to Valence to speak of Burnout syndrome in front of health professionals and Interns. My blog on the subject is still in working progress.

Nevertheless, I managed to paint a few large paintings on canvas 150 x 150 cm (5 x 5 feet), as well as a smaller one I finished today.

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It’s really liberating to paint on larger supports. The gestures, the intensity of colors, … everything seems more pleasing. These canvases are not stretched so that I can roll them up like carpets to store them. I had to opt for this solution because I am beginning to lack space, as I don’t sell any of my work yet. (Will I ever be able to do so ??). Anyways, this enables me for the moment to keep on painting as much as I like.

Wish you a fantastic weekend.



Happy 2018

I wish all of you out there a wonderful, creative and joyful new year. May 2018 bring you happiness, fulfillment and serenity.

It’s been a little while since my last post, but I felt that the internet had taken too much time in my unorganized schedule. Also, artistically, there was a real need to go back to basics. So I went back to structure, gesture, grading, value and all that.

So there aren’t so many new paintings to show. Just some sketches. It’s fun to come back to pencils, charcoal and Conté.

For those of you who are interested in learning, there’s an amazing site called “” that offers wonderful courses by people like Steve Huston and Bill Perkins. I’m almost certain that anyone can learn drawing and painting through these classes.

I hope you are all doing fine


Chattered dreams 1

I started a new project based on the gap between my adolescent dreams and the way I see reality today.

Here’s the first element of what should be 3 paintings facing 3 other paintings.

I may leave it in this half finished state but it’ll depend on the other images I guess.

All comments are welcome

Finished portrait series

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I finished the 2 portraits on canvas. The first seemed a bit empty so I decided to add another figure. The second one has a different background and I added the second eye. When I look at these paintings it seems to me that my intuitive painting exercises begin to pay off. I feel more at ease with colors now.

The gentleman with the dark beard is Rick, a fantastic model with a strong personality. If anyone of you would like to his work and support him. Here is the patreon address :


Doubting and deceptions

I knew that starting a new life would bring a few tough moments…

I had a few rather good sounding news lately.

The first one was of a gentleman in the UK asking me to paint a portrait of himself and his wife. Sounded ok at first, but then the address he gave me seems to be someone else and instead of normal communication all I get now is sparse words that sound like barking: “oil on canvas”, “how much”, … I wrote a rather long mail to the guy explaining my situation and my project, but I guess he didn’t even read it. So, that’s for the first one.

The second one was my brother telling me he showed my paintings to a PR specialist who was interested enough to talk about vernissage and exhibition in Munich, Germany. Now that’s even worse because I feel I’m just not ready. Since he mailed me the news, thinking I would be all happy and grateful for it (I told him I was, don’t want to disappoint my bro), I started to paint differently. In fact, I noticed I put stress on myself in order not to disappoint my bro. I even went back to figurative painting, because I know that always makes an impact on people.

in progress, canvas 70x 100cm
in progress, canvas 70x 100cm

Now I have these 2 portraits that look so cliché to me. It’s not what I’m looking for and still, I start thinking of the fact that probably my medical career is over for sure (in fact my wife had to call the emergency unit once more last weekend), which means I will sooner or later have to find a new way of earning money. Will my art skills be enough for that? I don’t know. There are so many talented people out there…

Latest paintings

These paintings belong to a series of works based on a green and blue background, green on the upper half and blue in the lower portion. There are two more in progress and even though the beginning is each time the same, they are all quite different. But that’s ok.

For weeks now I’ve been trying to manage simultaneously my painting, the writing for my ebook and the internet stuff including my websites and the preparations for my teachable course about mindfulness based intuitive painting. That’s why I let down my presence on the blog. But I needed that time to move on with my self education as an artist.

I’ll try to write here at least once a week.

Polio walk

I accompanied my wife to the annual Rotary Polio Walk this morning. The weather was ok but we were not as many as expected.

Since we are in the Gascoigne region it started of course with a cake, coffee and “Blanche Armagnac”.

I did my best to follow but had to give up and return to the starting point after the first steep hill. No, not to get more coffee…

But anyways, it was fun to see people, meet old friends and chat about the weather, politics and art (you bet). We came back home half an hour late, but had spent a few really nice hours in good company.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend

One step beyond

I finally take new steps in my self chosen new life. The internet page now being a bit more professional, I began working on the other construction sites.

The architect is working on the rehabilitation of the rooms next to my meditation place and I will soon have enough space to paint and invite people to join me in the development of my painting therapy. Here’s a link to a short clip about that.

I also divided my Patreon page in two: an English and a French version. Hopefully that’ll have me a few patrons…

And I went back to the writing of my e-book.

As for the online course I’ll have to wait to earn some money in order to buy a better video equipment.

But things move and I like that.