Learning the language of form and colour 

Kandinsky thought that art and music were the most direct ways to reach the human soul. He developed his own language using a grammar made of forms and colours thus creating nothing less than the premises of abstract art.

Just as in music harmony meant a great deal to him. He was looking for the good measures to get his soul to vibrate.

I completely understand what he tried to accomplish since my own way of relating to art is very close to that mechanism. Every time I get the chance to see a painting of Francis Bacon for instance the impact of it is clearly an emotional one. And it creates simultaneously a deep spiritual experience that you might describe as a vibration of my soul I guess. The vectors Bacon uses to accomplish this are once again forms and colours but in a manner somewhere in between figurative painting and abstraction. The powerful distortions of his figures would often be too aggressive to me if they were not counterbalanced by the surprising harmonies he manages to give his colours.

It is that language spoken by some artists able to ‘speak to our soul ‘ that I referred to when I said that humanity is more in need of artists than of doctors. And of course it is also what I crave for in my attempt to become an artist. So learning that language of forms and colours is what I will try to do for the next let’s say 25 years.

The journey will be long and the road a steep and winding one. But it may be the only one worth climbing.


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