Freeing colors versus taming them 

Since my last post I tried to let things run more freely.

It’s not easy for me but I feel that the results are closer to my actual state of mind. Somehow I sense that that’s the road I have to follow in order to heal some of my wounds…

It’ll take a lot of time but I hope that little by little those buried emotions I keep deep down inside will eventually break free and flow untamed through the colors of my artwork.

So maybe taming those colors isn’t the right thing to do after all. Unless it’s about finding the good measure. Maybe it goes with colors as it goes with emotions: if you hold them down for too long, then when you try to free them they just go wild. So wild they can’t find the right canal to break free. And so taking my time to practice my art will end up slowing down things, enough to let them go.



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