Still life

I finished the glasses I was working on. It’s a bit disappointing because it’s lacking personality…

I still have a long way to go if I want to get rid of this tendency of mine to be performing where I should just let things run freely and spontaneously.


3 thoughts on “Still life

  1. I disagree… I see much personality. The red vs. white wine = similar yet different. The idea of art representing stillness is also wonderful. Let it flow. What were you feeling when you painted this? I truly believe the process of art is more important then the final product.


    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to have other people ‘s opinion on my work. You are right when you say that the process is important and yes I feel calm and free of anxiety when I paint. But I would like so much to be able to express my emotions through my artwork. And I don’t think I am yet ready to do so.
      But then again maybe this painting does exactly that by showing this great amount of restricted feelings kept inside when I would like them to jizz out of the bottle. I am aware that the more I struggle the less I am getting there.
      Thanks again


      1. Intuitive painting was very difficult for me in the beginning. I wanted to start with the idea and not the emotion. I took a step back and started setting a timer each morning and doing a 10 minute sketch. There was no plan. I just sketched how I felt. My goal was to finish within 10 minutes, which stopped me from being a perfectionist. By the third or fourth day of this exercise I noticed my sketches were less stiff/forced. I was letting go. There is a book I highly recommend titled,Brave Intuitive Painting- let go, be bold, unfold by Flora Bowley. This book gave me such an incredible understanding of this method and process. I hope it helps!!


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