Work in progress 

Or should I say in mutation?

I started this acrylic painting a week ago heading towards something realistic. This morning I went over it and completely changed methods sensing that reality isn’t really what I am searching for at the moment.

This morning
A week ago

I have no idea where I’m going and that is exactly the point I’m at in real life too. So I may be starting to express something through my painting… 

No rules (especially no more of my own self inflicted rules and obligations!)

I wish it would be that simple: saying this is easy, putting it down to action is more complicated for me. But that’s the whole issue. I can learn the techniques and I will do so because skills are fundamental if I want to be understood. But if the aim is going beyond, from craftsmanship to artistry, then I need to get rid of some of my psychological chains in order to allow what is inside of me to break free. To me this is the outmost difficult goal. Many artists are perfect craftsmen and when I look at their work I get this ‘wow’ effect which is cool but it only lasts a moment. Each time I got the chance to be confronted with a painting of Francis Bacon I felt overwhelmed as if my whole life were suddenly changed by the mere view of his work. The emotional impact this type of artistic expression has on me is unspeakable, probably close to what you can call a spiritual revelation. 

Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ has the same effect on me, as well as some Kandinsky’s, some of Fabienne Verdier’s works or Zoa Whou Ki. And it’s always about colors and their skillful use.

… back to work…


6 thoughts on “Work in progress 

  1. Keep at it and allow yourself to PLAY. I believe that the goal of an artist is to ‘marry technical prowess with the intangible’ and of course this is what Bacon and Picasso did…..We learn the technical stuff, but have to pull from within ourselves for the intangible….When we see the two elements intertwined – as in Guernica, or Bacon’s work….it can be mind blowing. By the way I really like the first study….because it is more spontaneous.


    1. Thank you Janet. I’m trying to push myself to experiment more, to be more daring. The first study seemed to be a bit timid …
      You see my natural way of doing things is a very prudent one that means very un spontaneously. And at this point of my life I feel an immense need to change that. Not that I would want to take any risk for my life but I do need to become more spontaneous to express my inner emotions and to kind of live up to my real values in life.
      Thanks once more for your comments. It’s really nice to be able to speak freely about these topics with you.


      1. Good morning Uwe – I understand completely your desire to bring spontaneity to your painting and life in general….I give workshops in many different places….and most of the people who attend are there to become more spontaneous. Every now and then I put tutorials on my blog which might be helpful…I do suggest that people allow themselves to play (without having a necessary outcome in mind) every day and definitely prior to actually making a painting….it’s a great way to warm up.
        work….Also to always carry a small sketch book for sketches and written notes….have fun…janet.

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      2. Thanks for these good advises. I try to draw or paint every day now. It’s so pain relieving and calming . I try not to be too hard with myself and to take my time to learn as much as possible.
        Have a nice weekend Janet

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  2. You started out by doing what other people would love seeing, as most people like to see beautiful things without having to think to understand the work, and then you seemed to want to get rid of that, and go with what your heart and feelings tells you, at least that is how I interpret it and I must say that yes, it is a shock to see the before and after at first, and then, a wave of recognition hits me like a ton of bricks. I really enjoy your piece and where it is going, which is a place we all know and yet we do not know at the same time. Keep up the great work, it will become even better in time.

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