The sound of my cracked vase

For the last three days things have been going badly after a very difficult therapy causing a bit of a relapse of my condition. I feel like sharing this with whom ever out there feels like listening.

My drawing and painting has been a wonderful soul soothing activity for me but yesterday I had to take a fair amount of Xanax to avoid a panic attack in presence of my 16 year old son. I was unable to draw, paint or even read a book. Today I feel a bit better but I still have problems concentrating. So I decided to go outside for a walk and maybe meditate in contact of nature ( I live in a lovely place surrounded by fields and woods).

And I said to myself  ‘there’s that cracked case of Kandinsky ‘ back again with its dull broken sound …

Unfortunately I am not in the right condition to meditate either. I wish I could translate this into my artwork but I don’t feel like I have the skills for that yet.


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