Well I went on …

I changed the color of the background which was a bad idea, then I made the fruits more realistic ( bad idea ?).

Here’s the first one. It looks more expressive and fresher to me.

I guess I’ll just go on further and see what happens and I will definitely change the background colors.


11 thoughts on “Well I went on …

      1. At times, I will paint the same image 3-4 different ways! Then, I am not painting over something and having regrets later! I have been known to scrape thick layers of oil off and start over!


      2. I probably should do that too, especially since I love spontaneous work. But unfortunately I always think I am not done.
        This is part of the problem that brought me to where I am right now in my life and I am sure that learning to conquer spontaneity through my artwork will also lead to more honesty in the way I see myself.
        I’m excited about going through this process and I will take the time it’ll take to go all the way.

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      3. My blog for today is about painting! My art is very personal to me and I am shy to share. But, everything I do, I do from my heart and that is all that matters! So, why not! I would love to share a link to your blog! You have a gift that needs to be shared!!


      4. Feel free to do so Roda. And why not show a bit more of your paintings ? I’m certain they’re full of sensitivity.
        Thanks so much for your kindness

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  1. I also think they both have strengths. The first is loose and spontaneous with a certain unfinished look that is attractive. But I also like the more finished look. In this case the artist just has to trust their instincts and what they feel best represents them. Lovely work!

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