Soothing colors 

Yesterday was a difficult moment. My health problems caught up with me once again scaring the heck out of my wife and causing this feeling of “gosh will this ever end” in me.

I had to force myself to sit in front of the easel and at first nothing seemed to appear on the white paper. Then slowly I began to like some of the details. It took me 3 hours or so to get to something. Right after that first work I felt more serene and I decided to immediately start 2 more paintings. 

Here are the results :

Fracture lines and broken promises

This is the first one. The title speaks for itself and came to my mind spontaneously and with vigor. This morning I can really see yesterday’s turmoil on the paper. The suffering is right there before my eyes.

These are the 2 paintings I did after this :

Now what 1 and 2

Don’t they look more peaceful ? Once more the title imposed itself to me on the go. It speaks of the questioning going on in my head, of the search for another way to live my life.

Painting does soothe the pain caused by my situation : not quite done with my former life and still not totally decided where to go to from now on. It also is a good witness of this particular moment in my life.


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