Looking in different directions 

Le last 2 days have been busy working on very different subjects. I wanted to try other ways of painting.

Perfection comes just before the void

Zen and meditation is still part of my search even though I do not actively meditate these days. 

Daddy was a dinosaur

I really don’t know why I did this one.



The phantom and the child. My childhood is still haunting me according to the doctor.


This one is …    whatever.

Ok the last one is still in progress :


4 thoughts on “Looking in different directions 

    1. No I don’t sell anything for the moment. And to tell you the truth I’d have a hard time giving away my work even ( or especially?) for money.
      To me these paintings are a part of me and at the same time they’re milestones of my ongoing transformation. If you like the little bird I can paint one for you …

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      1. I so agree! I have done paintings for people and it is painful to let some of them go! I love the little bird! She is happy, content and peaceful! I would be happy to make a “donation” for supplies! 😜

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