Meet Mimi

May I introduce to you a good friend of mine : Mimi.

Now Mimi is a city cat born in Bordeaux in a 10 stories building and she has been living with us for 5 months. We live in a rural environment. Our house is surrounded by 6 acres of woods and prairies. And Mimi loves to roam around on our land. But then Mimi doesn’t like to be alone when she’s outside and so every time she feels like going outside chasing butterflies she comes towards me and leads me to the door. I know what you think : he is just humanizing that poor cat. Nope I’m not. Mimi looks like a cat but she behaves likes a dog  : wherever I go Mimi wants to follow, she plays “go and fetch” for hours deposing her toy on my lap 20 times or more, … so she really is a fantastic companion.

Unfortunately Mimi also likes to sit on my lap when I paint. And from time to time she disagrees with my technique. So when she starts to put her paws on the canvas I know that the only way to keep her from rearranging my artwork is to invite her to go outside for a walk. Fortunately she just can’t resist to that …

Here are 2 works in progress :

Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and laughter.

Oh by the way : ever seen a cat sleep like this ?


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