A glass of Whisky 

Believe it or not I didn’t drink it ( it would not be a good idea because of the medications I take!).

Here’s “still life #3”

I’m rather happy with this work because I feel that it’s a nice compromise between realism and artistic interpretation. For the first time I managed to stop before overpainting .


One thought on “A glass of Whisky 

  1. I agree with you – this has a looseness to it and yet is totally realistic. I find that working on two or more pieces at the same time helps to prevent me from overworking a painting. When my inner voice asks – ‘where do I go with this’ it’s a trigger for me to stop and move to the next piece. Eventually when I return to the original painting – the answer is usually there. The painting and I needed some space. Hope you enjoy a full and creative day – looking forward to seeing more work….janet 🙂

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