Newest works 

I finished 2 smaller paintings that don’t have a title yet :

And here are 2 big ones still in progress :

I adore the colors in this one.

The second one is less advanced but there are a few nice contrasts appearing already. Every time I am astonished by the beautiful amazing colors I get using only intuition. I deeply believe that these colors are within me and I’m sure they are the mirror of my emotions.

Life is a surprising journey with new beautiful little wonders around any corner…



4 thoughts on “Newest works 

  1. The first two…I immediately saw calm (blue) vs. chaos (red). Calm appears to be triumphing over chaos. Just my initial interpretation. Keep creating!! ☺️


    1. I think you’re right Roda. I feel calm these days. Creating colors is just such an amazing trip. The meditative process underlying my artwork helps me more and more to express my inner self and that’s good 😊

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