The sunshine blogger award

This is to show my gratefulness to Roda from growing self, not only for nominating me for the sunshine blogger award, but for the support and the friendship she has offered me for many months now.

Her blog is a wonderful source of happiness, love and emotional intelligence. So if you haven’t been there yet do so as soon as possible.

Spreading sunshine and inspiration on the blogosphere is a wonderful concept and I feel very honored by Roda’s nomination. I hope that I deserve it.

Here are my answers to Roda’s questions :

  1. Use one word to describe yourself : doubt but I’m working on that
  2. What is your favorite season and why : spring , springtime is the season of rebirth, fresh colors, awakening and the perfect moment to gain awareness of what being alive means
  3. Are you a city mouse or a country mouse ? Definitely a country mouse even though I love to go to big cities like New York, Paris, Rome and so on, I feel myself at home in my Gascoign countryside where I can sleep windows wide open and be woken up every morning by the sweet sound of birds singing, raindrops falling down or the purring of my cats. No cars honking no police sirens. As I write this I can hear the whispering sound of a warm summer rain tambourining on the leaves of the trees outside. Nothing can beat that …
  4. What is your superpower ? The love I share with my wife and my children that’s my answer for the question of the meaning of life
  5. Why do you write ? Writing is sort of a dialogue with myself I think it helps me to clarify my ideas
  6. What is your favorite book ? Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse a German writer far ahead of his time in the early 20th century. The book asks many of the questions I ask myself …
  7. What brings you joy ? Colors, flowers, new experiences, a child’s laughter, sunshine, summer rain, sharing a good meal with good friends, my wife’s smile, falling on “purple haze” while scanning radio stations, watching silly comic movies, my children’s happiness, …
  8. What is your favorite fruit : apples 🍎
  9. Who is your role model : there are many people I admire, some of them for their intelligence, others for their courage or their talents. But I don’t really have a role model and I don’t want one. I want to live my own little life, to see with my own eyes and to feel with my own heart.
  10. If you could visit any place in the world where would you go ? I’ve been all over the place during the last 40 years so right now my answer is probably : my garden
  11. What do you love most about you ? My fragility ???

Roda also asks me to nominate 11 other sunshine bloggers, people who spread inspiration, the light of intelligence and good vibes on the blogosphere. Here’s my list of nominees. They are all beautiful people and as you can imagine most of their blogs deal in some way with art and creativity (but not only …) :

I very much admire each one of them for their commitment to creativity and emotional intelligence, the two things able to save this world and its inhabitants. Keep on spreading sunshine and love !

Here are the 11 questions I would like to ask them :

  1. do you think there’s a difference between art and decoration ? why ?
  2. who’s your favorite painter (or writer) ?
  3. when you look at art what are you looking for ?
  4. do emotions have colors ?
  5. do you think that concept art is a joke ?
  6. does blogging help you to be creative ?
  7. Da Vinci or Van Kooning ?
  8. do you believe that artwork (paintings, photos, sculpture, literature, …) is more likely to speak to our mind or to our soul ?
  9. what is more important to you : technique or spontaneity ?
  10. is street-art vandalism ?
  11. how about young children as teachers in art schools ?
  12. why do people whisper when they talk inside of museums ?

There you go. I hope these questions inspire you and hey even if you who reads this are not on the list of nominees why not give me your answers or comments. I’d be happy to discuss any of those topics with anyone interested by them.

take care



3 thoughts on “The sunshine blogger award

    1. Yes I did have an enjoyable vacation seeing lots of artwork. I even bought a painting of a Canadian artist called Costa Dvorezky.
      And summer is not finished yet. We have lots of visitors all along July and august and we love it. Thanks so much for your kind message

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  1. Thank you for your kind words and nomination! You pose some interesting questions! I will have to give them some thought… I enjoyed reading your answers too – I especially like your response to being a country mouse and what brings you joy and that you like being in your garden. All wonderful things in my opinion. 😊🌈💕


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