Gardening pleasures

Some news from my partnership with nature. I like my messy garden. Good intended people keep telling me you need to treat here and cut there … but I prefer to let my plants live their lifes the way they want.

Ok I do cut some branches of tomato plants from time to time when they get too big or so. But I try to act like a good neighbor and leave my green friends alone as much as possible.

My white eggplants seem to agree with that attitude since there are 6 of them growing happily on their branches.

And how about my butternut. It looks like it has decided to conquer the rest of my park. I love these large leafs.

My productivity may not meet industrial standards but I don't care. I just enjoy my amazement seeing all these vegetables growing out of little seeds.
This garden is a celebration of life for me.

One day at a time …


3 thoughts on “Gardening pleasures

    1. Thank you for your kind words Janet. I spent several weeks on letting run wild the horses, experimenting with Colors and compositions of all kinds. But I feel I’ll have to go back to learning the basics. I’ve decided to start drawings again and to study the old masters.

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