Polio walk

I accompanied my wife to the annual Rotary Polio Walk this morning. The weather was ok but we were not as many as expected.

Since we are in the Gascoigne region it started of course with a cake, coffee and “Blanche Armagnac”.

I did my best to follow but had to give up and return to the starting point after the first steep hill. No, not to get more coffee…

But anyways, it was fun to see people, meet old friends and chat about the weather, politics and art (you bet). We came back home half an hour late, but had spent a few really nice hours in good company.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend


One step beyond

I finally take new steps in my self chosen new life. The internet page now being a bit more professional, I began working on the other construction sites.

The architect is working on the rehabilitation of the rooms next to my meditation place and I will soon have enough space to paint and invite people to join me in the development of my painting therapy. Here’s a link to a short clip about that.

I also divided my Patreon page in two: an English and a French version. Hopefully that’ll have me a few patrons…

And I went back to the writing of my e-book.

As for the online course I’ll have to wait to earn some money in order to buy a better video equipment.

But things move and I like that.

sketchbook stuff

Rainy day, cloudy mind. I work on a few new projects, one of them is to look for inspiration in the works of great masters. I did that Van Eyck thing last week, this time I’m studying Michelangelo’s paint jobs.

At the same time, I reconnect with my sketchbook. To be honest, I have several sketchbooks. They’re all more or less empty. Each new one is sort of a promise I make to myself, just to forget about it 2 days later … I read many things about other people’s sketchbooks. Some of them are actually genuine pieces of artwork.

Mine are not. They’re fast sketches, trials, loud thinking. I doodle more than I actually work. But then that’s ok, because looking at these errors make me evolve in my apprenticeship.


Here are a few examples. They are scratchy, messy and very approximate. But then, that’s what they’re supposed to be: sketches.

By the way, the blue lady is my interpretation of Michelangelo’s Sixtin’s chapel ceiling. I hope he doesn’t mind too much my ugly version of a masterpiece. I did the same with De Kooning’s “palisade” :


It’s when I try to copy these paintings that I understand why these guys are considered geniuses and not me …

De Kooning’s color choices are so unbelievable. Each time I look at his paintings from the late 50s I am just blown away. Kandinsky predicted that sort of absolute skill of the use of colors in his book “About Spirituality in Art”, way back in 1921. He died in 1944, which means he didn’t get to see these pictures. But I’m sure he would have been just as amazed as I am today.

Looking at all that human beings have produced as art is very soothing. Ever since we started to paint on cave walls and on pottery, mankind has played with that idea of spirituality in beauty, beauty in art and spirituality in art. The definitions may be numerous and diverse, but the sheer fact that so many people get involved with the question is reassuring. Especially today, as some old ideas we thought forgotten and stored away come back. I speak about fascism, religious fanaticism and the myth of war heroes. After what happened during the first half of the 20th century, you might have thought we learned, but the news tells us every day we didn’t. A racist party in the German “Bundestag”, an American President menacing to wipe out North Corea, countries trying to obtain nuclear weapons at any price, …


If it weren’t for artists, mankind would have disappeared since centuries. Artists like Michelangelo, Picasso, De Kooning, and, and, and, … are there to remind us not to forget that human beings are able to do so much more than just kill, conquer and kill again.

Well, it still rains outside. I think I’ll return to my sketchbook…

Have a wonderful peaceful week, and let’s make ART not war.

Going new ways



Here’s what I am working on, these days.

I know it looks weird. I don’t know where this kind of painting will take me. I can’t even really say if I like it or not. A dead-end road?

Well, I promised myself to go for new discoveries, to leave old and known paths, and this sure looks like I was on one genuine new road to wherever … If I turn around and run back home now, it might not be the best idea. So I guess I might as well continue.

I started a second painting. That one is even more bizarre. In fact, I think I tried to reproduce what happened with the first one. Useless to say it didn’t work. Shortly after beginning to mix my colors I got stuck. And I mean STUCK.  Even though I tried all of my “tricks” like scratching and covering up, I can’t seem to find my way out of the disastrous maze I’m in.

Some artists are anxious in front of a white canvas, I’m lost in front of a multicoloured no head no feet something.

Here it is :




It’ll take a while to bring this one back to life!


I’ll let you know …