Lucca Madonna

I studied the 15th century painting “Lucca Madonna” by Jan van Eyck the last 3 days trying to understand it.

Then I tried to transpose what I noticed into a more abstract version of the mother and child theme. The thing that I found most amazing is the dialogue between the red of the robe and the pale green of the walls. I also noticed the simple composition van Eyck used by constructing his painting around a diagonal cross structure. If you trace the 2 diagonals you’ll find that the exact center of the picture is represented by an orange colored sphere in the baby’s left hand. Maybe a fruit…

So when I started to paint I used this as the basis for a simplified version of the masterpiece. I also decided to apply a technical trick often used by Francis Bacon. It’s a cage type outlining of the

space occupied by the main subject.

Even though my painting doesn’t have ( and by far ) the elegance of van Eyck’s work, I’m quite happy with the result. And anyways, it was fun to do. Just copying the art of others is not so interesting to me. I prefer trying to make the essence of the picture the real aim to reach.


Emotional landscapes

I keep experimenting with colors and emotional expression. Little by little I seem to be able to let them out more easily. The complex combinations in contrasts and color balance is what gives me the most satisfying experience.

De Kooning, Soulages, Rothko, Pollock and so many others have gone that way. Not that I want to compare myself with these “monsters”. I wouldn’t dare. But I think I begin to understand what drove them. At least a little.

Meet Thelma

Thelma lives in my cherry tomatoes. I say “my” tomatoes, but I’m sure she thinks it’s hers.

And as 🕷 I pick some of my (her) tomatoes I see that she’s not alone. Her 🕷 children live there too.

I call her Thelma because 🕷 she reminds me of one 🕷 the books I read to my children when they were younger about Thelma, the 🕷 spider. Really, I don’t remember what the story was all about but I liked the name. I’ll have 🕷 to find the 🕷 book for my grandchildren. Zoé, my daughter tells me I don’t have to hurry to do so, she and her boyfriend seem not ready yet to read stories of spiders 🕷 to anyone.

But I won’t tell that to Thelma …


I’m busy. That’s not really new.

What is new is the different creative activities I got involved in lately. Besides the painting I try to keep up, I work on the t-shirt shop my daughter talked me into, I built a website for doctors in burnout situations, started a teachable course curriculum and a collection of short stories in French.

The first story is about Mimi, my little grey cat. I owed her a hommage after all she did for me during these 9 months.

Not sure I will keep the title but the story is coming along quite nicely.

Working on the teachable course is very interesting too. It really helps me to think of the different stages I went through. I understood that my painting is closely linked to my meditation routines. In fact, I use my awareness of automatic thoughts permanently when I paint and realize that part of the stress and anxiety reduction I obtain is due to the fact that

I manage to face my fears and go beyond them through covering and scratching my work when I’m stuck.

The decision to do so is not always easy. But the active destructive process of parts of my own artwork is extremely liberating. By doing so, I free myself from high performance thinking and the anxiety linked to it. In the same time I experiment new ways of creating, new colors appearing through the combination of constructing and destroying, all in an intuitive manner leaving out any logical interpretation. Even if it doesn’t always work out like that…

This is an example of blind drawing, a technique aiming to train our right brain hemisphere. It consists of not watching what your hand is doing while trying to copy an object. In the case of the above work, a painting I have on my living room wall :

( painting by P.Santus, a French painter I love)

So yes I’m busy but it feels good.

New intuitive works

I needed to go back to intuitive painting for a bunch of reasons but mainly because I felt stuck mentally.

Each time I feel down, my artwork also becomes less open minded. The last portrait turned out to be a source of stress.

I feel more at ease when I compose these colors. It helps just to look at them and I love to feel the rugged touch of their surface. My daughter pushed me to expose but I don’t feel ready for that and I find myself even less able to sell any of my paintings. So she had me put up an Inktale

Shop selling t-shirts and stuff with my artwork. Wherever that may take me …

Busy being lazy

Hi there. The title says it I work little but socialize a lot lately. Through the summer months we always have lots of friends and family coming to our place. So rather than paint or write I prefer to laugh, eat and talk about old times.

Nevertheless here are 2 images I started

I also started a website for French Doctors in turmoil. When I first went through hard times I would have loved to talk to others doctors in the same situation. But there's nothing on the web for that …

So I decided to build a site and see what happens.

I guess you can say I am more busy than lazy …

Have a wonderful day



I decided to start a series of portraits

Here's the first one.
The colors are a bit brighter in real. I'm rather satisfied because my brush strokes are becoming firmer. I guess the intuitive painting helps me a lot to free myself from too much timidity when comes to color choices and application.

I'm very proud of the ear ( that sounds weird !). There are blues,greens, orange and all kinds of other colors involved in it.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.